Joe Parsons

In the winter of 2007, Joe Parsons was living in Hill City, MN racing for a new Polaris race team by the name of Rocky Mountain Motorsports. Hopes were high in the fall that the team would do well with full factory backing and a well experienced crew. As the year progressed, the problems that plagued the team in the early season never really found a cure. As a rider there wasn't much he could do. He had worked hard all summer to be in the best possible shape and mental mindset for the season, only to jump on a sled that just wasn't competitive.

So the year wound down and Joe had seen what the pro race world was like. Part of him wanted to stay with racing because he had worked so hard to get to where he was, but another part of him was looking beyond the race world. As a kid growing up racing he ran into a character around the age of 12 by the name of Heath Frisby. At about that same time the freestyle side of snowmobiling was taking off and instead of practicing on a track, they were in the area around the track finding jumps and doing tricks. In 2001 Heath decided he was going to pursue freestyle, and in turn Joe and Heath parted ways.

After Joe's 2007 race season he made the decision to pursue freestyle. He wanted to enter the freestyle world with a bang, but wasn't in contact with anyone in the industry including Heath. At the time guys like Paul Thacker and Ross Mercer were setting distance records which were kind of the big thing in 2007. So Joe decided he was going to design and coordinate his own distance jump to make a name for myself in hopes that my new found career might be able to take off. With sponsorship from an acquaintance made during his racing years, he came up with enough money to build his ramp. Joe then convinced his local ski resort to donate some groomer hours and let him make the attempt on their mountain.

The jump day came and he ended up meeting his goal of doing the Longest Trick on a snowmobile with a 207' Superman Seatgrab. Somehow his plan had worked and after the jump he was in contact with Steve Miller from SCS who invited him to a Red Bull freestyle demo at Mt. Hood in Oregon. After the event Steve was pleased with Joe's performance and saw how much he wanted to progress and become a top freestyle rider. Since then Joe has done every demo Steve has put on, and somehow Heath and Joe are doing the same thing they did as kids seven years later.

In the winter of 2007 Heath Frisby & Joe Parsons decided they were going to train together for the season and for Winter X-Games. They worked hard and Joe qualified for both Freestyle and a new event, Speed & Style. Three weeks before Winter X-Games, Heath & Joe were at Keith Sayers' Foam Pit. There, Parsons knew he needed to learn the Back-Flip but it just didn't seem like a good idea. Heath finally talked Joe into it and there, he mastered the flip, the rest is history. Joe Parsons showed at ESPN's Winter X-Games 12 in Aspen, CO in late January 2008 and earned a Bronze Medal in the first ever Speed & Style discipline. If that wasn't enough, as if showing off his new sport, he won a Silver Medal in Freestyle. Heath went on to capture the Bronze in Freestyle, between the two of them, they won three medals.

If there was ever a reason for Joe Parsons to continue to work hard to be the best, it was how this year has unfolded. It goes to show what one can do when you want something and are willing to work for it. Joe knows his goal for this year and next, and that is to be the absolute best rider in his events and grab the Gold that he knows is within his reach in next year's Winter X-Games 13 in Aspen, CO.

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