One Good Turn

The host of the One Good Turn with Joey T show is Joey Truscelli. Joey is a former Marine, successful entrepreneur, former IndyCar Series team owner, and former "Rookie of the Year" American IndyCar Series driver. It was through racing that Joey was able to help special people experience racing from the other side of the fence. The gratification from those experiences have fueled him and taught him that "You can win in racing without winning races" and it has been much more satisfying to help others win their race and help to overcome their personal challenge. Joey is very active in raising awareness through his television show to fans all around the world.

Ryan Johnston has served as the Executive Producer on a show that was put in AMC & Regal theaters titled "Sons of the Fallen". Produced in Colorado, Ryan brought in client Bill Goldberg and friend actor Ryan Merriman. Clint Black was brought in to sing a song for one of the cast members. The show was focused on 25 boys that has lost their fathers serving overseas. Jack Cannon Directed and Conrad Ricketts was the show's Executive Producer beside Ryan. Jack had Directed episodes of "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" for ABC, "Find my Family" on ABC, NBC's "School Pride", as well as "Millionaire Matchmaker" on Bravo. Conrad is the Executive Producer on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" as well.

Ryan brought in the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism to integrate at the end of "Sons of the Fallen" to announce the filming of "Daughters of Courage". Ryan raised funding to film "Daughters of Courage" where he was instrumental as an Executive Producer creating the same type of programming for television that they had done previously with "Sons of the Fallen". Ryan again brought in actor Ryan Merriman to help Mentor young girls that had lost their fathers serving overseas. Filmed in the US Virgin Islands on the island of St. Thomas, this show is sure to be another great project by Ryan and his clients.

The trailer above is what was shown on more than 17,000 screens in AMC & Regal theaters nationwide for 30 days. The trailer left over 55,000,000 million impressions for Schwan's & Ford that were integration sponsors. We had Bill Goldberg & Ryan Merriman give away an F-250 LIVE in theaters after people had texted in their opportunity to win. Ryan Johnston served as an Executive Producer and was instrumental in handling the integration to the program. During the LIVE program CMM brought in the US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism as an Integration partner.

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