Antwain Britt

Antwain Britt is a rising star in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community. Cutting his teeth and learning his craft as he rises to the top. StrikeForce has signed Antwain to a five fight deal. StrikeForce is viewed LIVE by millions of viewers on SHOWTIME & CBS. Fans know Antwain as "The Juggernaut" while Commentators boast of his explosiveness and technical abilities.

Antwain's ROI is growing rapidly. Through CMM's ability in management, television & film production, we will diversify Antwain's likeness outside of the MMA community in television & film.

At 32 years old Antwain Britt is in the best shape of his life. His record is strong in his professional career at 11 Wins and 5 Losses which means he wins 70% of his fights. Nine of those wins came by Knock Out.

Antwain's story is much different than that of his competitors. Just a few years ago, Antwain was overweight at over 300 pounds.

One of Antwain's influences in losing weight was his love for NBC's "The Biggest Loser". He took lessons learned on the show to lose weight. In addition, he decided to get into the gym, and chose MMA training to be a fun way to lose the weight.

Antwain quickly learned that he was a natural fighter and pursued this burning passion of competition as a way to fuel his weight loss.

As Antwain entered his MMA career, he was quickly noticed by the Producers of The Ultimate Fighter on SPIKE TV. Antwain won his fight to get into the house, and was hailed as a powerful fighter. After breaking his hand, he was forced to leave the show but not before impressing everyone in the MMA community. Very quickly his phone started ringing from promoters scrambling to put him on their fight card.

Antwain's fights are featured on SHOWTIME carrying an average 2.5 Nielson Rating, which equates to over 4.042 million viewers.

There is an estimated more than 30 million MMA fans in this country. It is the fastest growing sport in the world. The SportsBusiness Daily reports that MMA fans are 15% more likely than the average American to have a household income of over $75,000 and 10% more likely to own a second home. MMA fans are above the national average to own high-tech items such as HDTV's, VOD service, video game systems, and broadcast internet in their homes.

One thing is for certain, Antwain is a Rising Star in the Mixed Martial Arts community, and many experts predict that he is a contender to be a World Champion. We are searching for sponsors that want to support Antwain and will receive ROI on through various interviews, articles, and especially his fights seen LIVE on SHOWTIME in front of an estimated four million viewers per fight. CMM manages Antwain Britt, to contact his manager, please contact us and inquire how you can become involved with this great fighter.

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